We have an ever growing team of staff working for the three surgeries that make up the Sherborne Area Primary Care Network 


PCN Operational Manager

Sarah Webster

Sarah oversees all of the PCN team and is responsible for leading the delivery and administration of projects committed to or commissioned by the PCN.

Admin and Digital Transformation Support

James Griffen

James provides administrative support to Sarah, helping to develop the digital infrastructure of the PCN and improve processes and patient access.

Pharmacy Team

We have three pharmacists and three pharmacy technicians who work between the surgeries in the Sherborne Area Primary Care Network.

Our pharmacists are:

  • Brian Charlton (Senior Clinical Pharmacist)
  • Lucy Powell (Clinical Pharmacist)
  • Sarah Roper (Clinical Pharmacist)

Their main responsibility is for the care management of patients with long term diseases and undertaking medication reviews to proactively manage patients who may be on medication for multiple conditions. This supports patients to take their medications to get the best from them, reduce waste and promote selfcare. The are also available to answer medication queries that patients may have.

Our pharmacy technicians are:

  • Kylie Godden
  • T Schwanethal
  • Debbie Heals

Their main responsibilities are to support the pharmacists with ensuring patients are using their medications effectively, reconciling medication for new care home patients and ensuring medication is synchronised for patients moving between care settings.

Mental Health Practitioners (16+ only)

  • Hannah Broad (currently on Maternity Leave)
  • Julie Phillips

Hannah and Julie support the three practices by seeing patients with a wide range of mental health issues. They are specially trained to provide expertise in mental health, which now accounts for around 40% of all GP appointments.

Frailty Nurses

  • Eve Richards
  • Mel Goodenough

Eve and Mel focus on providing frailty assessments and completing care plans for patients in Care and Nursing homes.

Social Prescribers

  • Vicky Morland
  • Ellis Ford
  • Jill Warburton
  • Lizzie Kingsbury ( Military Veterans)

Our Social Prescribers provide general support for non-clinical issues and are able to signpost patients to local or national services which may be able to help them. Patients will be contacted within 3 days of being referred to the social prescribing team.