Are you at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes?

As you are probably aware, as a result of Covid-19 our Government are urging the Country to think about health & lifestyle choices to help you fight disease easier & reduce the risk of becoming very unwell. Preventing Type 2 Diabetes is a key feature of this drive.


It is now known that patients who have blood sugars at the higher end of normal (measured by a HbA1c blood test) are considered to be most at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. We now identify patients in this category as having PRE-DIABETES. We know that with diet and lifestyle changes those with pre-diabetes can slow or even prevent progression to Type 2 Diabetes.


For more information and advice about Pre-Diabetes please see the following webpage. There is also a useful ‘Know your risk’ tool there which will calculate your risk. KNOW YOUR RISK


 A really useful booklet about preventing Diabetes can also be viewed here


At a Practice level, any patients we identify as having pre-diabetes from a HbA1c blood test will be offered an annual blood test to monitor their progress. This will also include patients who have historically had an HbA1c blood result in this pre-diabetes category.


Going forward, for everyone prevention is key and there are lots of diet and lifestyle changes that you can make NOW to help yourself keep healthy and reduce your risk. We urge patients to take responsibility for their health & there are lots of local services that can help you!

Patient Event:

Living Well Taking Control are holding public facing webinars every two months for patients to raise awareness of the free support available to people living in Dorset. For more information & to book a place onto a webinar click here or take a look at this leaflet: pdf

Published: Apr 11, 2022