Bowel Cancer Screening

We are always keen to promote preventative health measures, so are slightly concerned that we have a large percentage of patients who are eligible for Bowel Cancer Screening but who have not returned the kit provided to them by the National Screening Programme. *We are aware that the service was temporarily halted during lockdown so this may have affected our figures slightly.


Bowel cancer is a common cancer and it regularly presents at a late stage sometimes requiring emergency surgery and becomes very difficult to treat. 

Screening for this cancer has shown to reduce the risk of dying by approximately 20% and for this reason we would encourage all patients to undertake this test when offered.

The screening service offers screening to everyone aged 60-74yrs, every 2 years – you will automatically be sent a screening kit. A Flexible Sigmoidoscopy is offered to all patients aged 55 as a one off but you can have this up to the age of 60.

One of our patients recently gave this feedback about his experience: “I recently received a letter from the NHS offering me a bowl scope screening. I filled in the details and sent it back.  A few days later I was sent an appointment.  It came with a do it yourself enema. a bit daunting I thought, but full instructions. Like most men, I thought what’s the point / wasting my time. I feel fine etc.  Anyway the morning of the appointment came. Having followed the instructions. Went to the hospital. I sat in the waiting room with the other chaps waiting for my turn. The procedure itself was a little uncomfortable, but there is the option of gas and air or if you are really nervous sedative. Anyway, turns out I had a fairly large pre cancerous polyp that’s thankfully has been removed.

If you get the letter, please, please don’t ignore it. Go get the test done”


Prevention of Bowel Cancer is so much easier than the cure so we urge you, if you have the kit or letter lying around please take the offer up. If you have misplaced it or believe you didn’t receive one please contact the Bowel Cancer Screening Programme on 0800 707 6060, or visit for more information.

Published: Jan 5, 2022